Flyer – STREAM Kids Expo

I know a very amazing, motivated, smart, and ambitious kid who put on a Kids Expo through her school in Antelope Valley.  She needed a flyer to help promote her event and get middle school aged students interested in attending.  *Note:  there is a blank space in the “Sponsors” section left for a sponsor they were waiting on.

STREAM AV KIDS EXPO - flyer (revised info)-01

Aliya’s Bubble Bash

Invitation (address and phone number changed for privacy):


Bubble Bottle Label:

Gift Tag Label:

Water Bottle Label:

Stand-up Buffet Card (blank inside):
Business Cards


When I was approached by my friend to design a bubble themed invitation, and other party elements, I was very excited.  You can’t go wrong with bubbles!  Bubble are so fun!  If you are looking to do a bubble themed party and like what you see here, just shoot me an email and I can customize these things to fit your party needs. (

Custom Baby Shower Invitation

Custom Baby Shower Invitation

My good friend asked me to create her baby shower invitations. She gave me the colors she wanted to be used a bunch of examples of designs that she liked. She also really wanted to have the mom, dad, and baby elephant incorporated in the design.

I had a blast drawing the elephants! This was such a fun project and my friend was thrilled with the design.

Thanks for looking!